San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention


SATPPC Logic Model

The San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative (SATPPC) uses a Behavior – Determinant – Intervention (BDI) logic model. BDI logic models are read from right to left starting with the community goal. However, for ease of reference, the SATPPC logic model has been designed from top to bottom on this page. The SATPPC Logic Model was produced with the input of several organizations that make up the SATPPC with facilitation provided by UT Teen Health. This process took over several weeks of input and discussions, and continues to be updated by the SATPPC. For a print out of the latest SATPPC logic model, please download the attached PDF document.

Download PDF

What’s Our Health Goal?

What health indicators are we tracking?

What teen behavior are we seeking to change?

What impacts adolescent behavior related to teen pregnancy?

What are the strategies/interventions to reach our health goal?

* Based on the 2010 Bexar County teen birth rate of 51.5.

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